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        Company introduction

        Suizhou Jianxin edible fungus material company, is a comprehensive company supplies professional fungus, mushrooms Chinese is located in a town called Suizhou City, Hubei Province, the main items for edible mushroom cultivationmaterial, plastic bags, edible fungus bag, mushroom machinery, edible fungus,mushroom technology training.

        Founded in 1998 in Suizhou City, Hubei Province, the entity store operating for 17 years, through two subsidiaries under the edible fungus base, throughout the country for farmers and suppliers to provide all kinds of edible fungus material products, provide technical training and guidance to the students of expatriatetechnician. Has nearly 1000 square meters of shops and 3000 square meters warehouse, an investment of about 3000000 plastic factory, a mushroom machinery factory, 1 training bases, all kinds of raw materials, the only distributoragent, annual inventory of tens of millions of dollars of goods, the annual turnover of nearly 10 million yuan. In Shanxi, Shaanxi, Guangxi sales, Guizhou,Yunnan, Anhui, Sichuan, Guangdong, Xinjiang and throughout the country,exported to South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, New Zealand and other overseas markets

        Over the years, my company operating in good faith, the principle of mutual benefit, as tens of thousands of dealers and the edible mushroom growers to provide a variety of mushroom bag, equipment and raw and auxiliary materials,provides technical training to the students, promote local edible mushroomindustry development, quality service and excellent quality won the majority of customers praise, gradually become the industry leader in central area of ediblefungi.

        Main subsidiaries including:

        Barrel for 1, HSBC plastic factory production of various specifications of theedible fungus bag, mushrooms, mushroom cultivation bag folding bag, bagcultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus;

        2, HSBC mushroom machinery factory production of edible mushrooms bagmushroom bagging machine, binding machine, sawdust machine, sawdust mixing machine, energy-saving steaming bag boiler edible machinery special bacteria.

        3, to build a new edible mushroom technology training and the new strain of edible fungus factory

        Welcome friends to come to Suizhou to build a new material company visit, rich inedible fungi resources, is willing to share with you!

        Contact person: Liu Jingli, manager

        Tel: 0722-7113336

        Material Advisory: 15826751597

        Consulting: 15871248226 15871244667

        QQ Consulting: 1040431525 1293365092 1592961476

        Web site: http://www.tn336.com/

        Suizhou Jianxin edible fungus material company exclusive articles, reprinted without permission is plagiarism, tort!



             Mushrooms cultivation bags of edible fungus bag
        2、Mushrooms bag machinery
             Bag sealing machine sealing machine
        4、Injection needle mushrooms mushroom water needle
             Pleurotus fruiting ring sealing ring
        6、Strain ring double sponge collar
             Inoculation with good sign
        8、Drilling rod dibbling stick
             Bacterial bottle
        10、Strain bag for edible fungus bag
               Mushrooms mushrooms cut bag knife stroke